Stormy Barrier Lake Engagement

Hilary & Drew


Drew and Hilary met while working at a summer camp. Drew was a section director and Hilary was camp nurse. Drew swears that he first fell in love with Hilary after she told some terrible joke while they were sitting on the floor of the health centre, packing bandaids into an endless supply of first aid kits.

Flash forward a few years - Drew's family plans a reunion in Maine. The family goes on a sea kayaking trip to Wood Island, a picturesque spot with a lighthouse and beautiful views of the ocean. Hilary is standing next to the lighthouse, admiring the view and being totally oblivious. Drew walks over to her and says, "I'm so glad that we're here at this lighthouse, because it's the perfect metaphor for what I'm about to do." Then he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him - and of course she says yes!

Later when asked what the metaphor was supposed to be, he answers, "oh, I don't know... Life is lonely... And you're surrounded by danger... But we're together, so it's okay." He also suggests that the island be renamed "Wood you marry me island," completing the circle of terrible jokes.